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Contracts and Business Matters Attorney

Companies are run largely on business principles, the providing of services, the laws of supply and demand, product development, and the like. While the day-to-day aspects of running a company might be straight out of business school, though, much of the basis for business is legal. Without laws governing business operations and binding contracts, most businesses couldn’t operate, which is why paying as much attention to legal matters as to corporate matters is essential to keeping your business afloat and running smoothly.

Business and Non-profit Creation

Setting your business up as a business, or your non-profit as a non-profit, is the first step in legally protecting your business interests. To operate legally within California, you must choose how you want to set your business up (corporation, LLC, sole proprietorship), and file all the appropriate paperwork with the Secretary of State. Getting everything right the first time you file allows you to get your business up and operating as soon as possible.

Business Development and Advising Businesses

While many business owners have visions about how to grow their businesses, few understand the legal ramifications involved in business growth. Whether you are expanding your physical business holdings, buying other companies, or going public, your business expansion plans are all legal matters that require a keen insight into the law, as well as good business sense. An attorney with both business and legal experience can also help you find areas of growth you may not have thought about it, and give you advice on implementing these plans in a sensible, legally-sound way.

Drafting Contracts and Contract Review

If you own a business, you already know contracts are essential. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with vendors, contractors, or customers, you need sound paperwork that states the obligations and rights of your business in any business matter.

Business Alternative Dispute Resolution & Litigation of Business Disputes
When contractual and other legal disputes do arise with your business, the more time you spend dealing with the fallout, the less time you spend on what really matters, operating and growing your company. Alternative dispute resolution is a way of dealing with business disputes quickly and quietly, but, if you can’t come to an agreement that is good for your business, litigation can protect you from suffering any losses.

Contracts and Business Matters: Get Help from a Central Coast Attorney

When you run a business or non-profit, that is your job, to run the business. You shouldn’t be dealing with legal matters that arise. Attorney Brian Kreowski provides business owners and operators of non-profits with ongoing legal counsel, as well as dedicated representation in business disputes.

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Business Partner Dispute/Contract Law

Mr Kreowski, and his staff are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. I really feel that they care about me and my family when having to make tough decisions. I met with several Attorney’s regarding my business contract matter and when I met with Mr. Kreowski he was the only one I felt that I could trust. Mr. Kreowski is very knowledgeable in contract law and he is a top notch individual. If I have any kind of legal question in the future I know exactly were I am taking it. Shell Beach Law group.

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