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Thinking about your family’s future without you can be difficult, but, if you have assets you will be leaving behind, there are few more important things you can do. By having an estate plan, you not only ensure that your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes, but you take a great weight off your family’s shoulders by eliminating the need for them to decide what to do with your assets once you are gone. Since estate plan staples, like trusts, are exempt from probate, planning ahead also eliminates many of the expenses involved with the distribution of an estate, and ensures more of your assets stay in the family.

Individual Estate Plans in California

No two estates are exactly alike, so no two estate plans should be exactly alike. Individualized estate plans are specific to your personal assets, addressing property administration, financial distributions, and exceptions. Wills and estate plans can be as broad in their terms as automatically distributing to your benefactors immediately upon your death, or as specific as requiring certain conditions be met before your assets are distributed. With an individual plan for your estate, you remain in control of your assets even after your death.

End of Life Planning

While estate planning is generally thought of in terms of finance alone, a comprehensive estate plan doesn’t go into effect upon a person’s death, but also encompasses end of life care. Your individual estate plan may include a power of attorney, which dictates who takes control of your assets in the event that you are incapacitated, and how your estate should be tended during that time. Not only does this end of life planning ease the burden on your family when it comes to making medical decisions on your behalf, it gives the people closest to you a blueprint for what you want done with your property and money when you cannot tell them yourself.

Get Help from a Trusted Estate Planning Attorney on the Central Coast

When you are ready to create a comprehensive, individualized estate plan that covers the distribution of your assets and end of life care instructions, estate planning attorney Brian Kreowski can help you understand all your options and choose the right methods of dividing and distributing your assets so your family can avoid the expenses and pitfalls of probate. Based in Shell Beach, Mr. Kreowski serves clients in San Luis Obispo County and throughout Southern California.

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