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Medical Care Conflicts Attorney

From billing to intra-hospital operations, a variety of conflicts and disputes can make it exceedingly difficult for physicians and other medical professionals to provide the quality of care their patients deserve.

When medical conflicts arise, it is important to work with an attorney versed in medical care conflicts — ideally, one with an in-depth understanding of the health care industry and the current legal landscape. Look to the Shell Beach Law Group for assertive handling of medical care conflicts and other disputes. The firm is prepared to assist with a variety of complex medical care matters, including:

  • Physician and Provider Assistance – The Shell Beach Law Group provides high-quality legal advocacy for physicians and providers who might otherwise struggle to understand the legal complexities of the medical field.
  • Medical Care Conflicts and Dispute Resolution – If you are currently in the midst of a complex medical dispute, you can look to the Shell Beach Law Group for assistance with resolving this dispute as promptly and as favorably as possible.
  • Medical Billing Issues – Complications with health care coding and billing can cause significant headaches for physicians and other medical professionals. Occasionally, these issues lead to significant legal concerns. For assistance with the legal aspects of medical billing, look to medical care conflicts attorney Brian Craig Kreowski, Esq.
  • Intra-Hospital Facility Dispute Resolution and System Integration – When intra-hospital conflicts arise, it is imperative to work with an attorney who understands the intricacies of the health care industry. The Shell Beach Law Group works with health care practices of all sizes to minimize intra-hospital conflicts and promote system integration.
  • Risk Conflict Resolution – The Shell Beach Law Group offers risk conflict resolution services related to the medical field.

Patient-physician conflicts are particularly common; the right attorney can ensure that these conflicts are resolved in as favorable a manner as possible. The law firm also offers counsel regarding risk conflict and management, with the ultimate goal of avoiding conflicts through legal advocacy.

Contact an Attorney Experienced in Medical Conflicts

The legal aspects of operating a health care facility can be frustrating and expensive — and ensuing conflicts can cause significant damage to your practice’s reputation. Thankfully, the right attorney can help you prevent medical care conflicts while ensuring that any disputes that do arise are dealt with efficiently and effectively. Reach out to the Shell Beach Law Group today to learn more.

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A Generous Man!

My mother passed away in September of 2014. Along with her death my family and myself experienced great losses. It was the hardest year of my life. Due to all the chaos no one took care of my mothers estate. She worked most of her life earning next to nothing but despite her low income she managed to save about $33,000. It was her wish to split that up between all 4 of her Granddaughters for college. At the beginning of December 2015 I consulted with her Edward Jones accountant and they told me to take a series of complicated steps at the court house in San Luis Obispo to acquire her estate. I followed all the steps and was given the full run around after weeks of pursuing the documentation I needed. At the end it came down to the court house not be willing to assist be any further. I was completely defeated and lost not knowing what to do next. I was brought to tears in the middle of the courthouse. Then out of no where a man came up to the window next to me and filed papers. He looked over at me and could obviously tell I was stressed. He asked what I was trying to do and looked at my paperwork. He immediately told me not to worry and that he was going to help me. I was in disbelief. Mr. Kreowski literally dropped out the blue and saved me. By the end of that afternoon we met, had my paperwork drawn up and delivered to the Edward Jones office. There is no way I could have afforded a lawyer on my own. He asked for nothing in return and told me it was the season for helping other people. I could not be more grateful for Mr. Kreowski time and effort in helping my family. Thanks to him my mother’s last wishes will come to fruition. I think most lawyers have a stereotype of being dishonest or selfish and no one could disprove this more than Brian Craig Kreowski. I don’t know what I would have done without him. A truly generous man! Thank you!

- Corin